Slate™ Personalized Translation Engine

Slate is a drop-in replacement for cloud-based machine translation but everything stays on your personal computer under your control. Slate delivers your terminology and style that it learned from your translation memories.

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Fill the gaps in your translation memories.
Meet tight turnaround times with ease.
Control when, where and how you work.
Cloudless privacy and confidentiality.

For Translators

Freelance or in-house, we focus on your user experience. Slate is assistive translation technology, not automation that replaces you. Think of your personalized engines as pre-adapted to augment you while you work.

How It Works

You download and install Slate on your Windows or Linux PC. Minutes later, create a personalized translation engine to use in your favorite CAT.
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Find and label translation memories.
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Pick the translation memories for your engine.
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Slate Desktop works overnight, no coding.
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Add your engine to your CAT project.
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A Taste of Slate

Simplicity, confidentiality and control at a price you can afford. Click a feature.

For Teams

Slate is the perfect collaboration tool for translation teams. There’s no complicated server. Translation memories never leave your control because you share secure engines with the team.

For Agencies

Are you an agency or LSP? Your localization engineers can have Slate pre-translating TMX and XLIFF packages in no time. Your cloud subscriptions disappear. But don’t get stuck with old-fashioned machine translation post-editing!

Here’s a more productive use case. Create Slate personalized engines for each translator. They receive suggestions in their style with specialized terminology updated on-the-fly while they work. What? You haven’t heard of this use case? That’s because it’s cost-prohibitive with cloud-based services!

The Slate EULA doesn’t limit the number of engines or kinds or languages or words. When you exceed the capacity of one PC, just buy another license and copy your engines to the new PC. Contact us below for information about volume discounts.

For Translation Buyers

When you need graphic design services, you interview graphic designers with the tools that give you confidence they can deliver quality work on time. Why should translation services be any different? If you’re looking for translation services, please consider a translator or agency that uses Slate.

They care about the quality of your job.
They know your delivery deadlines are important.
They invest in tools to prepare for your work.
They honor your confidentiality.
They’re a unique breed.

Browse the testimonials to find a Slate user. If you don’t find the language pair you need, please post a comment. You can also contact us below. We’re happy to forward your request to a customer.

Start today, risk-free

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