Slate Desktop Personalized Translation Engine™

What is Slate Desktop – Personalized Translation Engine™?

It’s a translation robot on your own computer that lets you tap into your translation memories to create fresh and high-quality translations with your vocabulary and style.

Search translation memories like never before.

Control when, where and how you work.

Privacy and confidentiality impossible in the cloud.

The Next Stage in Translator Technology Evolution

Machine learning technology offered translators a change, but Linux locked it in the cloud. Expert-built engines deliver disappointing linguistic performance. Now it’s on your desktop where you’re in control.

How It Works

Simplicity, privacy, security and control at a price you can afford.


Find and label translation memories.


Pick the translation memories for your engine.


Slate works overnight, no coding.


Add your engine to your CAT project.

A taste of what Slate Desktop can do


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Feature 2.


Feature 3.


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Feature 9.


Feature 0.


Feature A.


Feature B.


Anonymous Translator 3 (French to Polish)

The experience is generally positive. The system works. I can build as many engines as I want and translate as many pages as I want, and that is OK.

Anonymous Translator 1 (English to Spanish)

With Slate Desktop, PTTools nailed every single requirement for non-technical individual translators to leverage SMT.

Anonymous Translator 2 (English to Polish)

I’m actually using the new engine in my translation today and it does give some helpful suggestions, which I didn’t really expect. So my first serious experience with Slate is surprisingly positive.

Bríd Ní Fhlathúin (English to Irish)

For me, the benefits are confidentiality and user control, and I’m already using Slate Desktop on a real-life project a few days after I installed it.

Igor Goldfarb (English to Russian)

Before Slate Desktop, it was always a challenge to deliver translations on time. My speed of work increased dramatically.

Terence Lewis (Dutch to English)

Statistical machine translation (SMT) within the familiar Microsoft Windows environment represents a major breakthrough for translators.

Wim Roose (English & French to Dutch)

I am very pleased with it. Slate Desktop sometimes comes up with amazing translations I had done before and completely forgotten about.

Loek van Kooten (English to Dutch)

PTTools is very passionate, very service-minded and very honest about the possibilities and unpossibilities of Slate Desktop.

Emma Goldsmith (Spanish to English)

Slate has solved the dichotomy between confidentiality and machine translation because the entire process takes place on your local machine. Client confidentiality cannot be breached.

Anonymous Translator 4 (English to Czech)

I have had very good experience with Slate. Thank you for providing this excellent tool. It works well and makes my work easier.

Pieter Beens (English to Dutch)

Slate Desktop gives a whole new dimension to the way I translate. Words I’ve used long ago are popping up in my screen…

Kis Hajnalka (English to Hungarian)

Slate Desktop’s Linux predecessor gave me a huge advantage and saved me a lot of time. I am happy I found and used this tool!



Welocalize WeMT (Global Top-10 LSP)

Slate Desktop’s Linux predecessor included tools to acquire, prepare and manage training corpora; train, tune and manage models; and deploy and use translation engines.

Anonymous Agency 1 (Italian to English)

Our (Slate Desktop) financial engine dramatically improves our turn-around times and productivity drafting and filing annual reports.

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A translation application suite that converts translation memories into translation engines and suggests draft translations through computer-assisted translation tools. Each suggestion's quality reflects the vocabulary and style in the translation memories. Includes:

  • Single-user license with 2 activations
  • Free expert engine review
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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