Will trans-bots work for me?

Convert your translation memories into a Personalized Translation Engine™. These translation robots (trans-bots) work for you on your machine to suggest translations with your grammar, spelling and style.

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Slate vs translation memory

Translation memory technologies and Slate Desktop  coexist in a symbiotic relationship. Together, they deliver surprising depth of control and flexibility that just aren't possible one without the other.

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Slate vs segment assembly

CAT tools have become virtual MT engines in their own rights with built-in technologies designed to extend translation memories beyond exact and fuzzy matches. See how Slate Desktop  compares.

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The convenience vs privacy trade-off

Trade-offs between convenient and privacy aren't new. You face these trade-offs every time you save private information in easy online services. For professionals, however, online translation services present unique business risks. Half the battle is knowing the risks.
These online services have impressive data security policies but their policies don’t release you from your customer's privacy agreements. They don't protect you from the inherent conflicts of interest that threaten your competitive advantage as the services track your actions.
Slate Desktop is different. Learn how it protects and extends your competitive advantage.