Machines Are Learning But Who Makes the Best Teachers?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is that mysterious knowledge and skill that enables robotic automation. We tend to think of robots as modern inventions. Let’s take a closer look…

Neural Machine Translation New Media Darling

For months, barely a week has passed without a blogger, discussion group, or main-stream media asking if neural machine translation (NMT), with its artificial intelligence (AI) technology, will replace human translators. NMT is the new…

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Website Launch with Rebate Offer

Receive up to a 40% rebate of the Slate Desktop list price when you create your first personalized translation engine™ !

The new slate in ʻtranslateʼ ITI Bulletin January-February 2016

Thanks to ITI, we republish this article that appeared in the January-February 2016 ITI Bulletin. Emma Goldsmith talks to Tom Hoar, the man behind Slate Desktop, about this new technology development for translators.