Industries Subjects & Domains

Other software and services limit you to industries and domains they support. Slate Desktop learns its linguistic performance and domain terminology from your translation memories.

Your translation memories control linguistic performance. Some subject domains and text types work better than others. We suggest you categorize your translation memories in any way that fits your work. Here’s a breakdown of subject domains and text types that others have used with Slate Desktop.

Subject Domains

  • Automotive
  • Banking and Finance
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Life Sciences, Medical, Healthcare
  • Military, Defense, Aerospace, National Security
  • Patents
  • Politics and Government
  • Retail and Commerce
  • Travel and Hospitality

Good Text Types

Documents and texts know to yield generally good performance

  • customer support
  • data mining
  • e-discovery
  • electronically stored information (esi)
  • informed consent forms (icfs)
  • instructions for use (ifus)
  • knowledge bases
  • legal contracts, commercial terms, licenses, policies, deeds
  • patents
  • patient-facing materials
  • policy, governmental proceedings
  • process documentation
  • product catalog
  • regulatory documentation
  • research materials
  • reviews, menus and bookings
  • software strings
  • technical manuals
  • technical papers
  • technology marketing
  • training manuals
  • travel, hotel and restaurant related descriptions
  • user manuals
  • workshop manuals

Inferior Text Types

Documents and texts know to yield generally inferior performance

  • commentary, blogs and free-form text
  • literary works
  • marketing documentation
  • media such as song lyrics and subtitles
  • news & publications
  • product briefs & literature
  • product marketing & communications
  • retail marketing
  • user-generated content

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