Kis Hajnalka English to Hungarian

Slate Desktop’s Linux predecessor gave me a huge advantage and saved me a lot of time. I am happy I found and used this tool!

I translate

from English, Italian or German to Hungarian. I started using, DoMT (Slate for Linux) occasionally in 2012… it was almost just to confirm my hypothesis, that it won’t work. I couldn’t be more wrong…

I especially liked its ease of use, the possibility of doing my own training and using my own translation engine, without the need of uploading private translation memories and terminology into a cloud or to use a central translation engine. This gave a piece of mind to my clients too, who often share private information with their material. It was clearly visible that the effort and materials I put into my engine determined my engine’s results, which is quite impossible to say for the commercial MT variants, where you get what they give you.

In 2012, automated translation was relatively new for languages like Hungarian, where one noun has 21 possible forms. So, I looked at DoMT. Translating mechanical and electronics documentation as well as medical patients from English and German into Hungarian proved that the translation with DoMT was understandable and served as a good foundation for further editing. On recurring types of texts and sentences DoMT (Slate on Linux) gave me a huge advantage and saved me a lot of time. I am happy to have found and used this tool!

Slate Desktop on Windows is a huge plus, since some CAT tools I use only worked with Windows. The DoMT from 2012 used the same underlying technology machine translation technology as Slate Desktop for Windows.

PTTools note: Kis’ experience from low expectations to surprised satisfaction has become a common theme in customers’ testimonials.

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